Nokia Lumia Windows Phone – Where is Our Instagram

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To start us off, of course we will recall the occasion a few days ago of the Angry Birds Expose. Early announcements were that Angry Birds Space would not be coming to Nokia Windows Phone.

Angry Birds has had a long relationship with Nokia since its early conception and Nokia has collaborated with Rovio on many initiatives and promotions to the value of both companies.

However, the relationship appears to have cooled with the announcement of no Angry Birds Space for Nokia Lumia users.  Following a scuffle between Angry Birds (aka Nokia) and Bad Piggies (aka Rovio) the announcement was quickly withdrawn and all the eggs were put back in the basket. The result? We now know that Angry Birds will be coming to our Lumia Windows Phone. Our hope is that there will be no back-tracking at this stage.

But, back to our subject title, Instagram for Nokia Lumia devices.

I have a love love love relationship for Instagram. Being a tad too lazy to learn all the functions of my DSLR, Instagram takes the pain out of pre-processing. I can undertake this at my leisure, at any time, place or mood that I happen to be in. Of course, that means a reliance on my iPhone. But, I do not only own an iPhone. I have others phones which run other operating systems. After all, I am a geek at heart and my heart travels madly. (There really needs to be a poll on how many people own a second or third device).

The news has recently appeared about rumours of Instagram for Android. The news is not so recent after all as this has been coming ‘soon’ for over six months. But two days ago, up popped a registration page for first access to Instagram for Android when it appears. As you can imagine my Android device is gasping with joy awaiting the happy occasion.

But, what of Instagram for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Devices?


Instagram now has 27 million customers and those numbers are based only around the iOS devices. Once it hits Android, the user base will grow by even more.

Nokia in partnership with Microsoft now has the largest share of Windows Phone by sales across the market. After the ecosystem of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, stands Windows’ Phone with Nokia playing a very big part. As the third most popular smartphone operating system, Nokia needs to keep abreast or at least on the same level as other smartphone operators. It does not want to be seen as the poor cousin who is last to receive the best of the rest.

I want Instagram on my Nokia Lumia smartphone as I am sure, does everyone else. Nokia, please get on the phone and start talking to Kevin. If, you were successful with Rovio, I do not see why you will be less than successful with Kevin.

The reasons why I want Instagram on my phone? Well, I already have it on one device, I already have my friends and colleagues and favourites in the sharing community that is Instagram. When it arrives for my Android device it will be a further place that I can share my photo images taken from that particular smartphone. The Lumia is a beautiful device and yes, I use it and I take images with it. Why should I use another sharing service with another set of users with another set of friends? And once Instagram is available for Android, it will open up the consumer awareness even more with its spread across many millions of new instagram users.

Should I mention My Space, Bebo and the others? Where are they now?

There is nothing bigger than Instagram for photo-sharing with a community on your smartphone and as Windows Phone users we do not want to be left out of the loop, we want to be part of it.

Please, Nokia, call Kevin now and satisfy us with Instagram for our Lumia devices.

Oh, and one more thing, while you are putting in that call, you do know you had best mention the Nokia 808 PureView as well. If ever a smartphone needs Instagram, the 808 PureView will be the one.

  • Tony

    I’ve never used it so maybe I don’t get it but why does a Windows Phone need Instagram when the functionality is already baked into the OS? Am I missing something?

    • Dani

      Instagram adds filters to your images and a community with which to share your images and ‘likes’. Default cameras do not traditionally incorporate filters.

  • Tony

    Besides the community everything else is there. Like I said before what’s the point of instagram! This sounds like another case of people who are so use to doing something one way and and are so app centric they do not realize that windows phone goes so much deeper in functionality. Filters can be accessed right from the photo and shared to social networks like FB, Twitter and Windows live. I don’t understand why I need another community to interact with. Windows phone is truly a smarter phone because it doesn’t need apps to provide basic functionality that imbedded in the OS.

  • Tony

    I bet your like all the other reviewers that hardly have the phone setup and judging it’s merits based on what you pulled out of the box to review. I wish people would stop doing that because your missing so much when you say it doesn’t incorporate filters and doesn’t have likes. Are you kidding me?

    • Nirave

      I wouldn’t personally agree with this comment; all the team here are competent reviewers and we don’t judge it out of the box.

      However, we write our own opinion pieces to share our own views and point of view and this does not make us any less capable of reviewing products or services.

      I will agree with your earlier comment that Windows Phone is definitely a smart OS that doesn’t need the services but that being said, Instagram has a following and community, similar albeit smaller than Facebook, Picasa and the like so shouldn’t be discouraged from seeking that comparability with their next device!

  • Bobby

    I am not sure I need Instagram too… I am not familiar with it and my Windows Phone posts my pics directly on my Facebook profile so why even bother…? :)

  • Bianca

    Eu quero o aplicativo instagam no meu lumia 710 .. Quero muito esse aplicativo no meu smartphone, bem que a Nokia podia fazer uma parceria com o instagam

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  • fifi

    i need instagram too… i was bought my lumia because i think instagram will be installed on my lumia.. but… OMG… so sad… :(

    • Nirave

      Try out #2InstaWithLove until Instagram is released! :)

    • Celine Sioson

      I have also lumia 710 and I also thought instagram will be installed on my lumia…

  • captain

    this phone should be illegal to sell what the heck n instagram or front camera